A week in the life of…. Week 33 August 2019

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Sunday 11th August

Piggy back

Sunday 1.jpg

Monday 12th August

‘Shroom pickin’ Chanterelle mushrooms YUMMY! As long as you know what you’re choosing, and only take a little, they sure make for a tasty treat. It’s amazing how much TASTY food the land can provide for us, and everything else

BACON….that got your attention. We were SUPER excited to do our first Little Mountain Meat Club deliveries last week (cured and then oak smoked streaky bacon with black pepper) and prep for next month starts in the butchery today a-woohoo! If you live nearby, wanna join?

Monday 3

Tuesday 13th August

Peek-a-moo. They say Highlanders roam the woods in these parts – eatin’ trees, grazin’ grass, tramplin’ bracken, fertilisin’ the soil. If you’re lucky, you might just spot one

Tuesday 1.jpg

Pig Roll. When you’d rather sleep ON your mates, rather than next to them

Tuesday 2.jpg

Wednesday 14th August

In March 2017, we planted 17,400 tree in 4 weeks. Two crofting women, one vision. We’re now watching our new native woodland grow and hands down, it’s the best thing we’ve EVER done

Wednesday 1.jpg

Nice visit from the policy team from WWF Scotland today. They were keen to learn how we are building climate resilience into our growing croft business. A passionate group, trying to get out to speak and learn from the people on the ground. Just a shame about the midges….

Wednesday 2.jpg

Thursday 15th August

Kindness in the Community. A few days ago, an unknown local person left water on our doorstep. They had seen us on TV in last years drought and wanted to make sure we were ok for water this year. To that person, thank you. We know the world is a better place for having people like you

Thursday 1

Nice nosh. It takes a while up here but when the veg beds get going, whoosh do they get going. Growing food (and then eating it) has to be one of the most empowering, liberating and joy inducing activities EVER

Friday 16th August

Happy Farming. There’s so much to be sad, angry or worried about these days. We’re not immune to it and adding tiredness into the mix from long days working, can make things harder. So smiling is even more important. Take time to support, help and be kind to one another

Saturday 17th August

Forget the Edinburgh Fringe…… it’s ALL about the Highland Fringe…. This can help to keep the flies out of their eyes and and protects them in harsh weather. They sure are built for the wilds of our croft in the Cairngorms

Saturday 1


A week in the life of…. Week 32 July 2019

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Sunday 4th August

Up here, we grow food with ‘altitude’. A whole punnet of strawberries grown at over 1,000ft a.s.l. Eaten in about 5 minutes


Monday 5th August

Lynbreck Cattle

Live here

Eat this

Fantastic Beasts

Enough said

We’re super proud to be Scottish Government Young Agriculture Climate Change Champions. Our goal is to run a regenerative agricultural business. If any of our work helps to raise awareness of the importance of addressing climate change, then that’s awesome

Woodland Carbon Code is a win-win-win for award winning crofters

Monday 2.png

Tuesday 6th August

This week, we’re hosting one of our croft heroes Dr Lindsay Whistance from the Organic Research Centre. She’s popping up to lead a course for Soil Association Scotland at Lynbreck on all things trees and animals. So we thought we’d share some cool tree food facts

Tuesday 1.jpg

Tree Foodie Fact 1

Tree leaves can constitute 12% of a cows annuals diet…..YOWsers! Most of our tree food crops will be dried and used as tree hay in the winter

Tuesday 2.png

Tree Foodie Fact 2

We live in an area where selenium is deficient and our coos need it for their immune system. Now what could we grow that’s really good at accessing selenium and pulling it into its leaves? WILLOW whoop

Tuesday 3.png

Tree Foodie Fact 3

Willow and Alder have TANNINS in their leaves. These can help with reducing worm burdens in our coos. We’ve planted over 4,000 willow and 1,000 alder in our tree food project

Tuesday 4.png

Tree Foodie Fact 4

A Norwegian study (Birks et al 1988) claimed that Goat Willow leaves have MORE fat, sugar and protein than meadow here. Get outta here…

Tuesday 5.jpg

Wednesday 7th August

Retro Lynbreck

2 years ago we had 3 pigs, a few hens and a vision. This was our vision

Thursday 8th August

Since our Lynbreck life began, we’ve always given things a go ourselves. Trying to learn, develop and improve our knowledge and skills, starting from scratch. And THAT includes last year, when, after some training, we tried to shear our sheep

Thursday 1

Friday 9th August

This Farming Life Ep. 9 – Sheep, Bees and Coos

In summary: moving the mob, the first Lynbreck honey harvest, and the day we sheared our sheep. We take a break from your screens now until Ep12 but we WILL be back then for a last hurrah

Yesterday, we had over 30 people visit the croft to learn about feeding trees to livestock. The discussion. The positivity. The support. A view to a future where trees are integral to a regenerative farm landscape where nature and people thrive. It. Was. AWEsome

Saturday 10th August

When Summer had sunshine….

Saturday 1

A week in the life of…. Week 31 July 2019

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Sunday 28th July

Lynbreck Traffic Update

Access to the decking area is currently congested. Suggest taking an alternative route

Sunday 1.jpg

Monday 29th July

The Mighty Bryden

This fine, handsome chap has been joined by our heifers at a friends farm. We’re hoping for some mini Highlanders next Spring so Bryden is tasked with doing the deed

We think the fame of This Farming Life has gone to our hens head……what a poser! But if you would like to come and see us this Saturday, we’d love to share our little corner of heaven with you

Monday 1

Tuesday 30th July

Happy for the Robin (aka bug killer), sad for the Moth (aka innocent bird food). Nature: it’s never black and white. Or is it…..

Tuesday 1

The wonders of willow. It’s not just the coos who love it. Check out Hen Football attacking some twigs we cut for the pigs. Our planted willow tree fodder crop needs to grow faster – there’s clearly demand up here!

The best of farming in summer? Long evenings working in the mild summer heat? Pondering the fruits of your labour over a cold beer on the lawn? But no. Not here. Because the MIDGES ARE OUT! Instead, we’re sweating in a warm house, considering admin…

Tuesday 2

Wednesday 31st July

Field Feeding

We’ve cut and gathered more species rich green hay and scattered it on a small plot where the hens have scratched out the moss. We’re trying to understand the biology of our soils in these less productive/diverse areas and take action that will improve it

Wednesday 1

Pooh played Pooh Sticks. Our Pigs play Pig Sticks. Ok so not really the same thing but they seem to enjoy it. Once again, love for the willow….

Wednesday 2

Thursday 1st August

Summer 2018. Our first with a growing suite of animals on the croft. Coos, sheep, pigs, hens, bees. We were feeling rather pleased with ourselves. And then, the drought hit…..

Thursday 1

Friday 2nd August

This Farming Life Ep. 8 – Hot, Dry, Hot!

In summary: pig scratches, planned grazing, water collecting, beekeeping, a VERY broody hen and some wild swimming. The serious. The laughs. The messages. The smiles. The highs. The lows. Definitely our This Farming Life

Saturday 3rd August

Lyn-Breck (not original spelling) is Gaelic for ‘speckled field’. These little beauties are definitely speckling our fields, garden and woodlands in abundance at the minute. What beauties!

A week in the life of…. Week 30 July 2019

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Sunday 21st July

Good Morning Scotland

Good Morning Cairngorms

Good Morning Coos

Sunday 1.jpg

When your only stress in the world is…. getting an available dustbath spot in the Hen spa

Monday 22nd July

Hi! This little guy, part of Team Lynbreck and found on one of our Birch leaves, might help start your week off with a smile. Our little members are just as important as our big ones

Monday 1

Eat Me Eat Club. With our new club FULL for August, we’re getting some practice in our butchery. Alchemy + top secret ingredients + the FINEST meat = Drool….

Tuesday 23rd July

Friend or Foe? This is the humble Ragwort – a native UK wildflower and food plant of the Cinnabar moth. It’s suffered any years of persecution but Friends of the Earth and Isabella Tree in her book Wilding are saying otherwise. We quite like it….

Tuesday 1

You know what’s possible? Absolutely everything….

Tuesday 2

Wednesday 24th July

Feeding time in the jungle

On todays menu…. “Leaves a la willow served on a bed of lush Highland grass and sweet wildflowers, drizzled with a light rainwater jus”

Wednesday 1

Thursday 25th July

In May ’18, we had our first ever livestock mart experience. We had no idea what we were doing and the BBC caught the whole thing on camera. So tonight, for all the laughs, people of the UK, you|are|welcome. We’ll be watching from behind the sofa…

Thursday 1

Friday 26th July

This Farming Life Ep. 7 – The Long Day at the Mart. In summary: how we met, trying to buy hens (failed), trying to buy sheep (succeeded) and some very late night fencing (wrapped up by 10pm!). But most of all? Lots of laugh and smiles – even through the stress!

Cool Moos. We’re pretty sure our coos were born cool, and in this heat under the shade of our trees, they can stay cool. We take a holistic approach to our grazing. We move them in a mob most of summer BUT at times like this, we change, replan and work with nature. With big hairy coats, they can get hot pretty quick which can cause stress, and that is what we DON’T want. Sheltered, calm and stress free is always our goal during times like these. Yet another day where we think whoop TREES!

Saturday 27th July

The lads

Saturday 1

Our chicks are sure growing. Must be all this rain and sunshine we’re getting!

A week in the life of…. Week 29 June 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 14th June

That’s why I’m easy….. Easy like Sunday morning. Our coos work hard for us every day. We let them live and grow at their own pace. Munching grass, chewing cud and repeat

Monday 15th July

Another Two Thirsty Men beer draff donation for our 8 hungry boys. A perfect treat for a sunny Sunday evening.

Monday 1

Seeing Red…. Whenever the Highlanders graze up hear the homestead, our hen Wee Red joins them. Everytime. She spends the whole day with them. We don’t know why, she just seems to like them

Monday 2

Tuesday 16th July

Whilst it’s nearly time for the hay cutting season to begin in the Highlands, we’re excited to watch our TREE HAY crop peek up above their tubes. In a few years time, we’ll be harvesting this as part of our winter feed for the coos

Tuesday 1

This Farming Life is back on your screens next week. So, why not come and meet us and learn for yourself about what we do. Just get in touch and reserve your spot

Tuesday 2

Wednesday 17th July

Our Eggmobilers have their work cut out for them. Every 5ish days they are moved and tasked with AS MUCH de-mossing of our grasslands as they can. We then come and rake it off and use it to mulch our new hedge. Impressive work ladies!

When your pal comes to visit and gets introduced to the pigs….. Yep, that’s clearly the ‘scratch me’ position

Wednesday 3

Thursday 18th July

Queen Bee. If you zooooom in you can actually see one of our Queen Bees. She has a little pink spot marked on her back. Marking queen’s is useful so that during our summer checks, we can easily spot her, keeping time spent disturbing the hive to a minimum

Money can’t buy time and life is short. We’re guilty of working long hours and we haven’t had a holiday together for years. But our life on the land, with our community, is full and fabulous. We’re consciously taking more time out to appreciate it. Be well, be kind, be happy

Thursday 3

Friday 19th July

If Carlsberg did eggs….. “Lynbreck, ladies who lay, probably the best eggs in the world…”

Friday 1

There’s no such thing as ‘polite queuing’ in pig world. Pigs need a wet, muddy wallow to keep cool. Our boys LOVE it SO MUCH when we make them one. Chill out lads

Saturday 20th July

Ouch. One of our coos Flora had an eye infection last week. We brought her in for some treatment and afterwards gave her a scratch and some alfalfa pellets. We always try to make these experiences low stress for our animals

A week in the life of…. Week 28 June 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 7th June

Today we are hosting an eggsclusive event for our Egg Club customers. We had a full croft tour yesterday, a private tour on Friday and another one tomorrow. We love to have people come on to our croft to see where their food come from. Know your farmer. Know your food.

Sunday 1.jpg

Monday 8th July

Last year we tried bale grazing. Plonk one in a field and leave the coos to it. After a few days, they had taken what they wanted, and ‘wasted’ the rest. We fought the urge to call it waste and rake it up. It’s soil food. This summer? The grass growth is stronger in that ‘waste’

Sunday 2.jpg


Tuesday 9th July

We had some kids visit us yesterday and we played ‘colour bingo’. Everytime they found one of the colours in our grassland, it got a tick. Then we taught them about the plant and why it was important for our animals and nature. As you can see, we have LOTS of green…

Tuesday 1.jpg

A hungry herd of happy, horny, herbivory Highlanders

Tuesday 2.jpg

Wednesday 10th July

Sorry Honey… We’ve had a rubbish summer for bees. The weather has been wet and cold and we’ve been focussing on keeping everyone alive for their pollination work. We’re not hopeful for a honey crop this year. No wonder Pooh Bear never came to the Cairngorms!

Wednesday 1.jpg

Today is your last chance saloon to sign up for an August start into our new Little Mountain Meat Club. The membership is blooming nicely. We’re getting VERY ready, VERY excited and VERY hungry

Wednesday 2.jpg

Thursday 11th July

It’s back! And so are we. This Farming Life, 25th July, BBC, 8pm.

Thursday 1.jpg

Friday 12th July

Here, we farm to regenerate our soils, and our souls. We also farm to regenerate our rural community by providing good food and reconnecting what folks eat with where it comes from. So the fact that our new venture is now FULLY SUBSCRIBED is goosebumpingly amazing….

Friday 1

Snoozing? What? Me? Noooooooo (snuffle army recruits caught sleeping on the job…..)

Saturday 13th July

Bish bash bosh. This time of year we bruise the bracken in our fields. We have a little roller we tow on the back of the quad. This bruises the stems, weakens the plant meaning it grows less and less each year. The woodland behind the fence shows what it used to look like

When your baby cockerel finds his voice. This. Is. Adorable


A week in the life of…. Week 27 June 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 30th June

Sunday Morning lie in. Hen Football is having a slow start to the day. Our hens will often come and sleep on or around us whenever we sit down. They associate us with safety (and food of course…..). That is awesome…

Sunday 1

All gone. On Friday we BBQ’d some of our Jacob Hogget. It was amazing…. We wanted to announce to everyone that it was for sale, but the early birds on our mailing list snaffled it first. Sign up to our website www.lynbreckcroft.co.uk if you’re interested in our produce.

Sunday 2

Monday 1st July

Lawnmoower. We aim to keep our Lawnmoowers on a tall setting. We like them to be erratic and cut to different heights. We try to leave it as long as possible before the moower comes back to give the plants a rest. Works for the moower. Works for the plant. Works for nature.

Tuesday 2nd July

Nude soil makes up blush. It’s hard to keep our pigs from doing too much snuffling. We want them to disturb the mossy patches and then move on. We place any lifted turfs upside down to cap the soil and throw down seed. As you can see and hear, they LOVE grass munching

Chill out. Junior showing us how all afternoons should be spent

Tuesday 1

Wednesday 3rd July

Birdies in the Byre. We’ve got a little family of house sparrows using one of our new nestboxes in our old renovated byre. Earlier in the year we had a family of pied wagtails. Our nature minded builder had the idea for these. Genius.

Thursday 4th July

Eat me Hedge. It’s exciting to see the first flush of growth on our new willow hedge. As well as giving shelter, this will be forage for our animals through browsing and cutting or feeding leaf hay. Grow little hedge, GROW!

Thursday 1

We say….. Lynbreck’s got a really special energy about it. We’d love to share that with you…

Thursday 2

Friday 5th July

Horny Beasts. We think Highland Coos have horns for a reason. Our heifers have horns and their offspring will keep their horns. But some of our boys, who we brought in as part of our grazing team, don’t. Our goal is to one day have a 100% horny Highland Herd!

Friday 1

Saturday 6th July

This is how our pigs live

This is what they do

This is what they snack on

This is what they scratch on

This is where they snuffle

This is a Lynbreck Pigs life