Where have we been?

You may have noticed we haven’t updated our regular weekly ‘A week in the life of’ blog. We just wanted to let you know that we are still here and it’s because we have been making some changes……

Our weekly blog was taken from our daily updates that we share via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. We’re finding these channels are really growing in popularity with over 7,000 followers across the spectrum.

We get asked lots of questions about the different things we are doing. As we don’t always have the time to respond, we have decided to take this as an opportunity to launch our new vlog!

A vlog is a video blog. Therefore we have created our own YouTube channel and on New Years Day we released our first vlog. We hope to release these regularly and think they will be an even more effective way to share what it is that we are doing at Lynbreck

So it means that we won’t be updating this page anymore. BUT we will be found at the following

YouTube: Search for Lynbreck Croft and subscribe

Facebook and Twitter – @lynbreckcroft and like/follow our pages

Instagram – @Lynbreck_croft

You can also sign up to our website mailing list for product releases and occasional news releases http://www.lynbreckcroft.co.uk

So we are still sharing our story daily and to give you a flavour of what we have planned for this year, watch our first vlog here


Lynn and Sandra


A week in the life of…. Week 47 November 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media icons day one

Sunday 17th November

Coo MOT. We brought the Highlanders in for a pre winter check today. We don’t routinely treat them with medication so it’s important we keep a regular eye on them. Afterwards, they get a treat of some Lucerne pellets to make it a positive experience for them

Sunday 1.jpg

Monday 18th November

Will they eat it? That’s a common question we get when we tell people about our tree hay plans. Well….. here’s the coos waiting to come through the crush yesterday. Watch their delight to find an edible wall of drying leaves. So, it looks like they will….

Winter food. The empty veg beds are getting topped up with fresh compost. We still have 3 pretty full with a good few months worth of food. Even at 350m a.s.l. facing the Cairngorms and over 57degrees north we can grow the majority of our annual veg. We farm with nature, we grow with nature.

Tuesday 19th November

Wise words. An early bit of advice we were given ‘Don’t change the land to suit your livestock, choose the livestock that suit your land’. It made sense. Last night fell well below zero. Our Highland Cattle were outside and still grazing old grass. They were absolutely fine

Tuesday 1

Wednesday 20th November

Training. Pigs are great but they are animals that can bite. We aim to use positive reinforcement to train them that not biting means scratches and scratches are goooooooood. It’s never 100% but no-one is perfect!

Wednesday 1

Thursday 21st November

Wild. We had really high winds last night so we decided to go and check the anchors on the Eggmobile. This was at 10pm. It was really cold, pitch black and loud. Somedays THIS is the reality of farming (yes it’s so loud you can’t hear what we are saying!)

A story of love. We recently took part the Cairngorms Shared Stories project. Storytelling is a wonderful and powerful thing and Crofter Lynn was invited to read her story at the launch event. …..

Friday 22nd November

Feed me

Feed me

Feed me

Feed me

Saturday 23rd November

Time flies. 2 years ago we were visited by journalist David Lintern from Walkhighlands. We had a handful of hens, a puckle of pigs and a dream. And oh….. we looked so much younger!

Back to the land

Saturday 1


A week in the life of…. Week 46 November 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media icons day one

Sunday 10th November

Family and Friends. When they visit, we like to feed them. When they experience a full Lynbreck breakfast, they generally want to come back

Sunday 1.jpg

Winter? With more snow forecast overnight, we’re starting to wonder if winter has arrived. We’re very thankful for a log store full of wood, our only source of heating on the croft

Sunday 2

Monday 11th November

At Lynbreck, we pride ourselves on having

Hairy Pigs

Hairy Coos

Hairy Trees

Check out the awesome lichens on our ye olde cherry tree

Monday 1

Life in the EggMobile. Just be cool. No one saw your slip….


Tuesday 12th November

Our Forest of the Future. Where Highlanders can roam, pigs can snuffle, bees can buzz and hens can scratch. Protected from wild weather and feasting on a diverse buffet. Space for more livestock and more wildlife. All because, nature is our guide

Tuesday 1

Snow Snouts. A wee bit of the white stuff hasn’t out our new recruits off their woodland work. It makes snoozes in their straw filled hut even cosier and well deserved

Tuesday 2

Wednesday 13th November

That’s thaw folks…. For now. The snow has melted and the coos are back in their paddock grazing left over grass. The white capped Cairngorms behind suggest that the hay might not be in the barn for much longer. Whatever nature decides, we’re as ready as we can be

Wednesday 1

For todays Face Time a Farmer lesson, we introduced the kids to our ladies who lay. They learnt

  1. Hens lay different coloured eggs
  2. They like to peck welly boots
  3. They sleep on perches
  4. They love worms and seeds

Wednesday 2


Wednesday 3

Thursday 14th November

(To the tune of Islands in the Stream..)

Highlands in the Snow

That is what we are

Chomping on our hay

Waiting for a thaw

Fill our bellies full

For another day

And we are warm with our big coats ah-ha

We’re built for this life at Lynbreck ah-ha

A special treat….. This months meat club is out (and lots already chomped from what we’re told). Members received a pack of cured and Applewood smoked Pork, all raised and carefully prepared by us here on the croft. Perk of the job is, we also get to eat it

Thursday 4

Friday 15th November

Pedicure? No

Manicure? No

Massage? No

Bathe in a dirty, dusty hole? Oh YES

Saturday 16th November

Seasonal slips. It’s trickier at this time of year for our bike deliveries with icey and snowy roads. Still, we’ll keep taking the opportunity when we can. Even with the brrrrrrrr factor

Saturday 1

A week in the life of…. Week 45 November 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media icons day one

Sunday 3rd November

Bitter Sweet. Yesterday we held the last of our monthly croft tours for 2019. We’ve enjoyed them all – showing what we do, why and how. Folk often go away after buying some produce, knowing the farmer that that made it. That’s awesome. And sometimes they bring a gift. Team Lynbreck cakes!

Sunday 1

Monday 4th November

Wood Pigs. Our latest recruits arrived yesterday from the fab team at LyneMhor Croft. Straight out, noses in the ground and working hard. They have no idea they are working. They are just being pigs

Tuesday 5th November

Slow down. Our ladies who lay are still going but slowing down for winter. Some are moulting which stops them from laying. For others, it’s the lack of daylight. And the dog? Well she just photo-bombed

Tuesday 1

Wednesday 6th November

Work it girl. This is Floras ‘morning face’. No make up. No shower. No fancy clothes. And not a hairbrush in sight. Just all round magnificent Highland Coo-ness

Wednesday 1

Thursday 7th November

Babe of the Woods. Our new recruits have so far 1. Snuffled 2. Ran around a lot 3. Carried sticks like dogs 4. Snoozed 5. Posed. Quite honestly? They are having an absolute ball

Zonked. A morning move and a belly full of grass is all it takes. We aspire to live as chilled out as our coos do

Thursday 3

Friday 8th November

Well…. At least someone’s delighted

One: Grow it (farm with nature)

Two: Process it (on the croft)

Three: Eat it (into the belly)

Lynbreck Pork 2019: GONE

Saturday 9th November

A piece we wrote making it’s way into the Scottish Farmer – Can you eat trees?


Breakfast. With snow showers still falling and a thaw not yet on the horizon, we’ve given the Highlanders a treat of hay. To now they’ve been digging, and eating grass they find beneath the snow. Let’s just say this mornings brunch was given a warm welcome


Saturday 1

A week in the life of…. Week 44 October 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media icons day one

Sunday 27th October

YUMMY. Here is our plan for these

Lynbreck Highland Beefburger (coming soon)

Organic cheddar slice (Connage)

Lynbreck Bacon, slice (maybe 2, coming soon)

Home pickled gherkin slice (currently maturing)

And a side of Lynbreck tatty fries

You feel me?


It’s Sunday Night. Foo Fighters are playing in the background. And we are makin’ bacon. We rock!

Sun 5

Monday 28th October

Hard Times. We have a touch week ahead with many long hours in the butchery. We want to make our produce the best. We want to do right by our animals and our customers. We push ourselves so hard, but our belief in what we do drives us. So, when the going gets tough…

Monday 1

Tuesday 29th October

“Cows can open gates” is what we learned this morning. This was not their planned paddock shift of the day. This is the garden of the croft house…

Tuesday 2

A snooze? In the afternoon? Absolutely….

Wednesday 30th October

This girl can

This is our Chief Butcher

Our Chief Stockswoman

Our Head of Operations

And the Queen of Spreadsheets

15 yrs ago she was a librarian

5 yrs ago she was a tree planter

Today, she is living her dream and following her passion

She’s our hero!

Wednesday 1

Top of the World

Wednesday 2

Thursday 31st October

Still going, still grazing. This lot are mid way through rotation 3 of our holistic planned grazing. They have some grass ahead, with some stockpile behind. If the snow stays away, the hay will stay in the barn for now.

Thursday 1

Friday 1st November

To farm with nature is all we know. It’s a belief we practice, not a badge we wear. It’s our way to live, to provide and to share with others. So to be shortlisted for the RSPB Nature of Scotland Food and Farming award for what we do, is pretty darn amazing


Friday 1

Saturday 2nd November

Bee Cosy. With Autumn here and winter approaching, we’ve been preparing our beehives for colder weather. We fill a hessian sack with wool from our old Jacobs, making a nice warm pillow that acts as rook insulation. We need our pollinator army to stay strong and healthy!


A week in the life of…. Week 43 October 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media icons day one

Sunday 20th October

Simply the Best. As farmers and food producers, we believe we need to grow/make as much of our own food and feed ourselves THE BEST if we expect to do the same for our customers. So, this morning, is simply another taste trial

Monday 21st October

Monday morning chats with the ladies who lay

Monday 1

Tuesday 22nd October

Compost. We make all of our own compost for our veg beds. A mix of hen poop, grass clippings and kitchen waste composted, have turned our veg beds into food growing powerhouses! The role our cows, pigs and hens have is to create the same effect in our fields. They best get busy!

Wednesday 23rd October

Lynbreck Croft 2019: The Movie. Our story so far

Thursday 24th October

The worm. Finding lots of these little companions in the last of our pasture pig pens we’re been reinstating. Such a mighty and powerful little soil dweller and builder. Never underestimate the power of the worm

Friday 25th October

The White Stuff. Today we’re waking up to the first flakes of winter. A day of cold feet for the hens, cold noses for the coos and cold hands for the crofters. Our faming life at over 1,000ft and 57degrees north

Friday 1

Saturday 26th October

Thank you. We’re prepping the last of our pork collection orders today. Every customer gets an information sheet telling them about the work our pigs did for us and the life they had. It’s another important chapter in the Lynbreck story

Saturday 1