The Big Lynbreck Tree Plant

So to say it’s been a while since the last post is a bit of an understatement. For those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know why. For the rest of you, we have a bit of explaining to do.


And here is our explanation. Lots and lots and lots of…….

Since the last post, croft life decided to step up a gear which has put us into overdrive. The main task entertaining us has been planting trees on our hillside – 15,000 in fact. We had the trees delivered at the end of February and had to have them all in the ground by the end of March – cue a planting frenzy!


This was a common sight for passers driving by. We’ve been called the ‘tree planting bumblebees’ or the ‘tree planting mountain hares’ or the ‘mad tree planting hill folk’  (ok so we made the latter up but we’re sure people driving by on rainy days must have thought that)

Come rain, snow, wind or sun (the latter more occasional than the others) we were out there 7 days a week planting a mixture of Birch, Aspen, Rowan, Willow, Alder, Wych Elm, Hazel, Hawthorn and Holly. We’re planting Oak as well but that’s not going in until the Autumn.


This was the snow (which incidentally was more like sleet)…..



and this was the snow again. We managed to pick the ‘snowiest’ month to plant in. Well done us……



This was the sunshine after the rain. Ok so we really didn’t have that bad a time of it



Mother Nature was kind to us every now and again with a few rays of sun. Just enough to keep the motivation up

It’s been quite an experience and one that’s in many ways just beginning – we have to try and keep the wee things alive now. And we’ve had lots of people ask why – why are you planting all those trees?


A wee tree snug as a bug in it’s little vole guard

Well for us it’s simple. We think trees do good things for the land and the environment as a whole. We plan to use our new woodland habitat, once it’s established, as an integrated part of our croft land management. The trees overtime will improve the soil and when they get bigger will provide a super place for our cows to roam over acres of sheltered hill ground. It’s a wee bit off yet of course but we’re planning for a Lynbreck of the now and of the future.


Imagine what this might look like in 20 years time!

So now it’s all done, we can sit back, relax and watch them grow. HA! As if. We’ve already started to sink our teeth into the next project(s). Watch this space……