A Spring of 4 seasons

With Spring well and truly here, and Summer on its way, life on the croft hasn’t stopped for a minute. During the last month alone we’ve had the most severe snow storm of the winter which has been followed by the driest spell since 1995. We never thought we would say this (and may live to regret it) but please rain PLEASE!


The wind bringing the snow was the worst we’ve had since we moved here. Pure whiteout!


It was even too cold for the chickens wee feet. Chicken wellies have been added to the shopping list for next winter


Despite the crazy weather patterns, it has been great to see the trees that we planted a few months ago burst into life. They could definitely do with a good soaking but so far they are hanging on.


Baby Tree Number 1 – A little willow



Baby Tree Number 2 – A little Hazel


Baby Tree Number 3 – a Rowan


Baby Tree Number 4 – an Elm

And around the croft we’re enjoying the hidden speckled colours of wildflowers emerge from the undergrowth.


Can’t beat a bit of Wood Anemone. The clue is in the name as to what else should be growing around here



Standard shot of eggs and bacon (Birds Foot Trefoil for anyone who’s thinking, what??)



Toot toot it’s Bugle! Another woodland loving species



Ever seen this up close? Catkins on Bog Myrtle. Apparently the aroma of this plant helps to keep the midges away so we’ll be found rolling around in this sporadically throughout the summer



From young woodland to old. It’s starting to take shape


And while nature has been busy, we’ve been working away in the background planning for the bigger beasts that will be arriving at Lynbreck in the not too distant future. We’ve put in an order for our first 3 pigs which will arrive in late September. We’ve chosen a native breed called Oxford Sandy and Black – they are super hardy, super hairy and super cute. We’ve got lots of jobs lined up for them.


Introducing Oink 1 and Oink 2


And come next Spring we have this young lassie joining us.


See the wee black cow of the family? That’s Ronnie


Ronnie (and one of her pals) will be coming to live at Lynbreck along with a few others. They will be put to work on munching down our rank grassland and helping us to restore it to something much more diverse with lots of different grasses and wildflowers.

So things have been busy as ever here, but for now, we must get back to that raindance…..