Busy Bees

Yesterday we had a day away to attend a course on Beekeeping run by Highland Bee Supplies. We’ve been planning to get some bees from the outset so it was good to finally spend some time learning more about what we are letting ourselves in for.


It’s important to look the part

After a morning in the classroom learning about all things bee related, we were kitted up and had a short session learning about the bits and bobs we would need for our bees.



So many different hives to choose from! We’re definitely going for some of the pretty wooden ones


Then we took a dander down to the hives. Despite being rudely disturbed to be poked and prodded by eager students, the bees were remarkably calm and very nice to us.


Bees beware….



This is the moment when you know the bees are about to come out and you’re thinking ‘Stay calm, Stay calm’ Gulp…



And here they are. A very civilized group



There’s probably a few thousand bees on that frame


We learnt lots yesterday but one of the things that stuck the most is how important beekeeping is. With a loss of habitat, spread of disease and impact of insecticide spraying, feral honey bee populations can’t survive so it’s up to beekeepers to keep things going.

After the day we were totally buzzing (bad bee joke…) and went away with our sparkly new bee suits. We’ll have 2 nuclei of bees coming next Spring to get us started and that can’t bee (……) soon enough as we have lots of work we need them to do. Our bees will play a key role in helping us to restore our grasslands and woodlands. By spreading pollen they will help plants to reproduce and therefore spread in abundance. Oh and of course, all being well, they’ll be making us some honey which we’ll extract, bottle and sell from the croft. Yummy! Beerilliant…..


2 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. You must both bee buzzing, it’s been a hive of activity for you two lately! Oooooffffff such bad dad style jokes! Amazing news guy’s. Looking forward to more updates on this. I will bee prepared!


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