Farming Today

This is just a wee quickie…..

Last week we were visited by the lovely Moira Hickey from BBC Radio 4. Moira came to do a short piece on crofting in the Cairngorms.

Farming today screen grab

We had great fun recording a short interview and were very excited to hear that it went out live this morning!

We’re on about 3:50mins in. All we can say is eeeeeeeeeeeek!



We’re not telling porkies…

Well to say we’ve been delighted with the sales of our free range, rare breed pork is an understatement. We have had such a positive reaction whilst out and about delivering to new folks and existing friends of the croft. There have been long hours and late nights but we are very much enjoying delivering our local produce to local people.


Getting ready for a delivery – we even have our Lynbreck clothing range now!


We like to be honest about our journey here at Lynbreck and it’s fair to say that the whole ‘pig’ process from start to finish has been a HUGE learning curve for us new crofters.

Once we got the pork back from our butcher, we stock checked what we had before deciding on how to sell it.


We have some very kind neighbours who let us keep our meat in their chiller for the first few days


We did a bit of market research and worked out what we thought would be a fair price for our meat to keep it affordable. We then added up what it cost us to have the pigs – initial purchase, feed, butchery and abattoir costs mainly. The prices we ended up charging will allow us to simply break even once all the boxes are sold. Well sort of. We didn’t include things like our bigger croft costs; insurances, fencing, fuel, wages for example. But that, we’ve now learnt first-hand, is the challenge of farming and local small scale food production today – making things pay to cover their whole true cost.


Top quality meat. Every delivery came with a little leaflet with more information on the animals that it came from


And now? Well if anything we feel even more up for the challenge and so excited about the future than we did before – we’re absolutely full of ideas for the next time, and the next and the next. And my goodness we have learnt so much.

We have aspirations, one day, for Lynbreck salami’s, cured hams, smoked meats, bacon, the list is endless. Might even squeeze a bit of artisan cheese in there if we get a milking cow…. And each time we’ll make tweaks to improve things, all the while helping us to build the foundations of a viable, local croft business where nature friendly farming rules the roost.


We’ve already started practising for the future. We kept some meat behind to practice making our own Lynbreck homemade……



SAUSAGES. These ones are garlic and black pepper. One day we hope to butcher and prepare all our meat ourselves


Ultimately we feel very supported by our local community and we simply can’t thank our first customers enough for taking the leap of faith with us and believing in us and our way of stewarding the land. We hope you enjoy what we do, like what we produce and look forward to the next instalment.

If you’re interested in any of our pork, check out our website for what’s available and how to order