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We’re delighted and excited to launch our latest venture called Egg Club


Egg Club? What’s that?

Egg club is a community supported agriculture service run by Lynbreck Croft whereby we sell our eggs to customers directly – from our croft to your belly.

Simply the Best……

Our girls, known as the Ladies Who Lay, spend their time free ranging through our grasslands and hedgerows. We only feed our girls certified organic pellets and grain and they spend the majority of their day snacking on grasses and insects (and anything else they can get their beaks around) from land which is free from pesticides, herbicides and any other artificial stuff or interference. When they aren’t eating or scratching around, they can be found dust bathing or snoozing in the shade. We don’t routinely administer antibiotics and we believe our animal welfare levels to be exceptional.


Hmmm, how’s it work?

We are inviting local folks to sign up to a subscription service for our eggs, beginning September 2018. We will be doing weekly deliveries to both Grantown and Tomintoul and we can either drop the eggs at your house (you don’t need to be in as long as there is somewhere we can leave them for you safely where hungry egg thiefs won’t find them) or meet you at one of our central town collection points.

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I’m interested, what do I do now?

Brill. Do one of the following and we’ll get you all the juicy detail

  1. Drop us an email to and we can send you some more info
  2. Check out our website, go to Produce and select Eggs
  3. Give us a bell to 01479 870092 – if we don’t pick up, we’re probably out croftin’ so leave us a message and we’ll get back to you

Thanks for all your support to date

Lynn and Sandra

Chief Slaves to the Hens


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