New Year Resolutions

If we had a penny every time someone, over the course of the last year, who we have never met, has said ‘oh I’ve read your blog’, we cringe with embarrassment. Our blog updates have been shamefully poor and can only be explained as the victim of an incredibly busy 2018.


We’ve been busy filling the place with animals. Team Lynbreck grows!


And we have even won a couple of awards!

But…. that is all about to change. We’re not usually ones for New Years Resolutions but this year, we are making an exception and pledge the following to our trusty blog readers (we know you’re out there, even if we don’t know who you are….)



We are taking over a new blog account for our local town Grantown on Spey. This has given us just the kick up the (ahem) we needed to say ‘OK we are going to do this!’ So expect one, hey maybe even two blog posts a month!



Whilst we have been terrible at blogging, we have been much better at our other social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But we know that some of you don’t use those. Soooooo every Sunday we will put up a summary of all our social media posts from that week. It’s normally a picture and a sentence or 2 but gives a nice insight into ‘a day in the life of….’.

We suspect 2019 might be quite exciting so it’s only right we invite you, our virtual community, along with us for the ride

Warmest, healthiest and happiest 2019 wishes to you all

Lynn and Sandra



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