A week in the life of ….. Week 1 Jan 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Sunday 30th December

Flerd TV

We had a nice visit from BBC Alba before Christmas – they wanted to know all about tree hay! (Sorry for the grainy copy….)

Monday 31st January

Our latest butchery practice – chorizo style venison sausages (with a little pork fat for moisture). They are deeeeelicious


Tuesday 1st January

New Year Piggle Spa treatment

Wednesday 2nd January

Little Lambs. Big Sky. Wild beauty. Happy Crofters


Half of Lynbreck on tour down at the Oxford Real Farming Conference with the Nature Friendly Farming Network


Thursday 3rd January

Nature is amazing

As morning breaks….


Friday 4th January

While Chief Crofter Sandra held the fort, Networking Crofter Lynn was on the offensive at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

Networking status? Pretty high!


Saturday 5th January

Hurrah our log store is nearly full! That’s 2 years worth of a cosy cabin for us as we are totally reliant on woodfuel. Needless to say, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our Lumberchooks doing the stacking…..


*Next blog post will be an update on our adventures in Oxford!


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