A week in the life of…. Week 26 June 2019

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Sunday 23rd June

We have SO MUCH to learn. We are always reviewing our impact. We try to critique our decision, assess our mistakes and change. We always ask ‘how can we make our soils healthier, how can we improve biodiversity?’ If we look out for nature, nature will look out for us

Monday 24th June

‘You can’t eat trees’ That’s a comment we once had when talking about how many we’ve planted as part of our growing croft business. Well… we think you can. And you can breathe them, and eat them. They are pretty useful really

We think it’s pretty rock-n-roll to be referred to as rebel farmers that are fighting climate change. In all seriousness, we just do it because we think it’s the right thing to do


Tuesday 25th June

Green Hay. These grasses and wildflowers are cut just before they drop seed. We bring them to an area of poor diversity and scatter them. Afterwards, we’ll graze the coos to trample the green matter and seed into the soil. Land feeding and seeding for free!

Tuesday 1.jpg

Wednesday 26th June

Nettles are NICE not nasty. So say ye olde farmers in Austria, feeding animals nettle fodder can

  1. Improve digestion and immune system
  2. Enhance and restore performance
  3. Improve skin

All that stuff for free? Nature, you’re spoiling us…. We’ve already started making our nettle hay for winter

We’re eggcited to do our first Egg Club delivery on this fancy bit of kit. An e-cargo bike on loan from Mikes Bikes in Aviemore. If we had one of these, we could deliver MORE FOOD by BIKE to our local community. Now, if only we could find a sponsor….

Wednesday 3

Thursday 27th June

We won a Tree Oscar….. A TREE OSCAR! That makes us happier than we can ever explain. Lynbreck Croft: Winner of the Scottish Woodlands Ltd Trophy for Young People, Farm Woodlands Category



Thursday 1

Friday 28th June

Tree-umbrella. Our coos choosing the shade of our trees during this hot spell. It reminds us how shelter for them isn’t just needed side on from the wind, but also above from the sun and rain

Friday 1

Saturday 29th June

We weren’t convinced, we are now….. E-bikes are AWESOME! Definitely the way forward for our expanding, local, low carbon, rural food deliveries. A delight to have 3 fab days on this machine

Hot hot hot! We’ve made a few wallows for the pigs in their latest paddock to help them cool down. This fella is demonstrating true pig wallow contentment


A week in the life of…. Week 25 June 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 16th June

Know. Your. Food. This is 100% pasture and tree leaf fed Lynbreck Highland Beef. Inside, a chunk of Appenzell Cheese wrapped in Lynbreck cured and smoked pork ham. Outside, a leaf of sage from the veg plot. We ate 2 of these each last night

Sunday 1

Hedgerows, Hens and Hands. We’ve been mulching and weeding our hedge and have many more years ahead of this as we do not use chemicals. It’s more work BUT it keeps our soil chemical free, it keeps us physically active and outdoors AND the hens love it…

Sunday 2

Monday 17th June

Highland Dots. Our cattle are out grazing on our bog as we give our fields as much rest as we can after the first round of mob grazing. It’s amazing to find how much they can eat our here and it’s where a Highlander really comes into its own. We’re certainly learning that!

Monday 1

‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago’. Well, if more of our planting shoots up like this Aspen has after 2 years, we might be turning back the clock up here….

Monday 2

Tuesday 18th June

A little top up. We scatter a little grass and wildflower seed on the areas where the pigs have disturbed the moss. It’s local provenance seed and provided by Scotia Seeds who help us figure out the best mix. We’re hoping for more bloom and growth next year

Tuesday 1

The view, ‘cross the Shire, t’wards Mordor. “There’s some good in this world Mr Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given us”

Tuesday 2

Wednesday 19th June

The Bee Bar. The poor weather has meant we’ve had to give some sugar water to our bees to keep them going. They’ve munched through any honey they had already made in the supers and stores are very low. But we’re still hopeful for Summer

A helping hen. This is how our ladies who lay help in the tatty patch. Yeah, really helpful….

Wednesday 2

Thursday 20th June

That hits the spot! Even a Hair Highland Coo can, quite deftly, use a tiny stick in the ground to have a good old scratch behind the horn. You can almost feel the satisfaction…..

Last year, this was bare ground after some work we’d had done to lay a new water pipe. We threw some grass and wildflower seed on to it and left it to the hens. 12 months on, it looks like this. We’ll take that

Friday 21st June

Our first ever Royal Highland Show started with these awesome ladies and ended with us filming live for Landward!


Oh and hey, Happy Solstice!

Saturday 22nd June

After quite a whirlwind at the Royal Highland Show, it’s back to reality for us with our Saturday morning Egg Club deliveries. Bringing food directly to our local community – yep that’s us

Saturday 1

A week in the life of…. Week 24 June 2019

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Sunday 9th June

Stand proud. Stand firm. Stand tall. And just be who you are. This is Flora and she is fabulous

Sunday 1

Monday 10th June

Farming? It’s all about producing food, caring for nature and supporting others trying to do the same. So we were delighted to support our chums at Lynemhor Croft, at their Open Farm Sunday event, and to cut the ribbon to officially launch their new mobile shop!

Tuesday 11th June

Feeding Frenzy! By far our coos favourite paddock and it goes something like this

Starter: Bog Myrtle

Mains: Grasses and Rushes

Dessert: Tree leaves

Post munching snooze

And repeat..

Wednesday 12th June

Trust Mum

The little noises Tina is making tells her chicks that there is something tasty here that they should investigate. She trusts us and is teaching them to trust us too. It’s so important to spend time and build these relationships with all of our animals

Eat local, eat seasonal.

At the end of last summer we started harvesting our homegrown kale. At the start of this summer, we’re still harvesting. It’s fair to say we are kale cooking ninjas now

Wednesday 1

Thursday 13th June

What a PIG! By sticking his snout in the ground, he’s breaking up the dense covering of moss in our grasslands. And what comes out of the back, helps feed the soil. Happy pig!

Baa-bye. After a year on the croft, we’ve decided to say goodbye to our sheep. They’ve certainly taught us a LOT and we’re delighted they are moving nearby to fab farmers friends

Thursday 1

Friday 14th June

It’s not raining…. Hopefully a chance for our pollinator army to get out and about. The constant wet has meant we had to start feeding last week. In June!!!!!! Summer, if you fancy making an appearance, that would BEE fab…

Friday 1

Just a Highland Steer…

In a field…

Lying down…

Chewing the cud…

What’s not to love?

Friday 2

Saturday 15th June

A day in the life of an Eggmobiler

  1. Wake up and stretch wings
  2. Tumble out at 6am and snack organic pellets
  3. Scratch moss and old thatch
  4. Snooze and snack
  5. Lay an egg and sit on it for a while
  6. Announce egg lay
  7. Snooze and snack
  8. Dustbathe
  9. Snack and Scratch
  10. Bed


A week in the life of…. Week 23 May 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 2nd June

Bluebells in June-time. When you live at over 1,000ft a.s.l. and above 57degreesNorth, it’s entirely normal to have flowering bluebells and to watch the native grasses and wildflowers just starting to grow…. In June….

Monday 3rd June

17,400 trees at 2yrs old to be providers of future livestock shelter, fodder, fuel and habitat. 1 damp and overexcited dog that wants to share it all with you

Hi. We’re your farmers. We look after our land, our animals and our soils to produce food that’s good for you and good for our environment

Monday 1.jpg

Tuesday 4th June

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world! It feels good to work positively with nature, with animals, with people. It feels good to work together to make our world a better place. We think it’s the only way to go

Wednesday 5th June

Last night we were invited to talk at the Scottish Parliament about the nature friendly farming we do at Lynbreck. What an honour! You can tell from the pics that Crofter Lynn, and good friend of the croft Mairi Gougeon MSP, clearly had a good night….

Thursday 6th June

Hey! Scratch me! NO, scratch me! NO, scratch ME!

Thursday 1

Introducing some of Team Lynbreck from our nature division

Friday 7th June

The boys of Bog Myrtle Jungle. These chaps are enjoying themselves so much that we have to go looking for them at feeding time. This is very much an experiment that our snuffle army are working on and we think they look fab in here

Friday 1

Earlier this week we went to the Scottish Parliament and today one of their members came to us. And the sun did shine to show Lynbreck in all her glory. Thanks to Fergus Ewing MSP, The Woodland Trust and Scottish Forestry

Saturday 8th June

How do you like, your eggs in the mornin’? We like ours all shapes, sizes and colours from our ladies who lay. Organically fed, regeneratively grazed and darn tootin’ tasty

Saturday 1

A week in the life of…. Week 22 May 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 26th May

You. Yes you human. I’m watching you

Creepy Hen

Sunday 1.jpg

Multi Species, Multi Use, Multi Impact, Multi Benefits, Multi Produce

Our holistic planned grazing in action

Monday 27th May

Lynbreck – a vision. A place where nature, people and animals thrive in respectful harmony and where food is produced for the local community. A place of hope and action. A place that educates and inspires. A place that brings happiness

Monday 1

Flerd fast-food. At this time of the year, our cattle and sheep only eat what they find on the croft, what nature provides them. A mouthful of free, natural goodness mmmmm deeeeelish

Monday 2

Tuesday 28th May

Our latest snuffle army have arrived and been dispatched to Bog Myrtle Jungle – an area with lots of tussocky tussocks and bog myrtle. They will certainly have their work cut out here! So far they are more interested in their new hut filled with straw…

Wednesday 29th May

Get your pigs on. We’ve been experimenting using our pigs to de-moss and regenerate our grasslands. With weekly moves, they do just enough work before we move them on. Then it’s a long period of rest for that section.

Right: Pigged

Left: Unpigged

Might be on to something here…

Wednesday 1

Oppa Lamb-gang style. Our Jacob lambs have transitioned into full blown, distractingly cute mode. Who needs to do any work anyway…

Thursday 30th May

Mum knows best. Our Jacob ewes are doing a fab job at all things mum. Educating, protecting, feeding. We are always so conscious that it is such an honour to work with these, and all, of our animals

I Am Moognificent

Thursday 3

Friday 31st May

Roll up! It’s gonna be SUNNY tomorrow for our 2nd Croft Tour. This picture is from a recent group who came from all over Europe and hosted by the James Hutton Institute. Folks on Farms = FAB

Friday 1

The Great Lynbreck Smoke Off. Streaky bacon. Cured and Smoked sliced ham. Whisky infused pig cheek. ALL from our regeneratively grazed, organically fed, high animal welfare, pure rare breed pigs. YES

Saturday 1st June

Up and Coming. Proudly introducing our home grown talent ‘Tina and the Chicks’. Booked to take up a regular residency performance slot in the Eggmobile. Eggsclusive merchandise coming to an egg box locally!

A week in the life of…. Week 21 May 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 19th May

Barbados? Miami Beach? Torremolinos?

Nope. A muddy wallow in the Highlands does our pigs just fine

Monday 20th May

Adventures in Beekeeping! A serving of wild camping and midges as a starter, a trip to A&E for a main and all rounded off with lots of new knowledge and new beekeeping friends

Tuesday 21st May

Get your chicks out!

New mum Tina is showing off her mini fluffs the joys of the great Lynbreck outdoors. A place where they will get to stretch their wings, dustbathe in the sun and scratch from dawn to dusk. Pure Heaven? More like Pure He(a)nven…..


Wednesday 22nd May

Lynbreck Uncovered. Book now and join us on 1st June to find out who we are, what we do and why we do it. Oh and we have some cute, spotty lambs running around


Last year’s kale plants providing for this year’s bees. Such an important early flow for our pollinator army. Once the flowers go over, we’ll cut and compost the stems, leave the roots to break down and feed the soil and plant out this years buffer. No waste in nature!

Did you catch Crofter Sandra on Saturday morning BBC Out of Doors? She pops in about 19:18 and again at 1.03:50 and talks about Lynbreck life and our love of trees. Thanks to the team for coming to visit us. Great programme!


Thursday 23rd May

Our new ladies who lay for our Egg Club Eggspansion have arrived and are settling in well. With lots of moss to scratch and grass and grubs to eat, we’ve warned them that they’ll have to work hard, but we think they’ll be up to it

Lambing 19 is a WRAP! After a bit of a shaky first half, the second half was a breeze. We learnt tonnes (understatement) and are now very relieved to have some healthy mums and lambs running around. Will there be a Lambing 20? Maybe….

Go FLERD! So delighted to get the mob back on fresh grass. Daily moves. Daily grazing. Daily poops and pees. And repeat. Building soil and boosting biodiversity as they go. That’s what WE’RE talkin’ about

Thursday 4

Friday 24th May

Last weekend we had an awesome ‘up and coming’ photographer stay with us. We’ll be showcasing some of her work over the coming days. For those on Instagram check out sandra.angers.b. We think she is pretty darn brilliant and here is the lovely lady (with a pig selfie of course)

Friday 1

Friday flerd move. And so dainty stepping over the pipe

Saturday 25th May

The first Lynbreck Lamb-nastics competition has begun! It’s very distracting having all these little rascals running around….

©Sandra Angers Blondin

Saturday 1

Nice and steady. Moving mum and new lambs (and a few rogue hens) to a fresh paddock

Saturday 2

A week in the life of…. Week 20 May 2019

A summary of our week sharing highlights from our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Sunday 12th May

Sunny Sunday. We hope your day is as satisfying as watching how content a pig is grazing fresh grass

Monday 13th May

Team Tina

A steep lambing curve. It’s fair to say we’ve had a tough few days. We’ve one lamb that didn’t make it and another in intensive care. We’re learning so much along the way and thanks to those around us (and ready made frozen meals) we’re going strong and ready for the next ones

Monday 1

Tuesday 14th May

Fill yer boots! Our new season of mob grazing is so close to starting. In the run up, we’ve given the fler free range access to our bog. They are DELIGHTED! Stuffing their faces with a mixed buffet of fresh Spring growth of nature’s finest

Tuesday 1

We’re delighted to be contributors to a new book published by the Woodland Trust Croft Woodlands project. It’s a beauty and only £10 a pop or free to download online. Key message: trees, especially ones on farms/crofts, are awesome

Wednesday 15th May

Boozy hens. This old mineral tub had some beer draff in it that we’d brought down to the pigs. Turns out the hens are fans of our local brewery’s finest as well

We’re filming again! This time it’s with a team from the Scottish Government talking about climate change and how we’re trying to build resilience into our croft business by farming WITH nature. All to the backdrop of bees buzzing, hens clucking and cuckoo’s cuckooing

Wednesday 1

Thursday 16th May

Drool. Our food processing practice continues. Our exclusively selected, carefully hand picked judging panels (ie bunch of our mates) have fed back on our first ‘top secret’ product trial. It’s a thumbs up so far!

Friday 17th May

This week is book week for Lynbreck, with another one that we’ve contributed to, just released. Rewilding by David Woodfall is a collection of real life stories of people across the UK trying to do their bit for nature. Great stories and great pictures

Saturday 18th May

Just a little lamb. Snoozing in the sun….

Saturday 1